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[Buses in Beijing]?????? Youngman Neoplan JNP6120G-1 (1st batch, 2nd batch) ?????? BPT #23541 #23294 Rear-left at Beijing South Railway Station South Square

[Buses in Beijing]?????? Youngman Neoplan JNP6120G-1 (1st batch, 2nd batch) ?????? BPT #23541 #23294 Rear-left at Beijing South Railway Station South Square

Two JNP6120G-1 low-floor city bus made by Youngman-Neoplan in Jinhua, Zhejiang

On the left is a 1st batch (2007 version) while on the right is a 2nd batch (2008 version) JNP6120G-1. The twin share the same ISBe4 225B 225hp Euro IV engine, Allison T270R 6AT gearbox and ZF front RL-85A, rear AV-132 axles. Although both considered to be Chinese-version Neoplan Centroliner N4521, the 1st and 2nd version are obviously distinct from each other. From this picture, the difference between two tails is apparent. The older one applies the original design of Centroliner, while the newer one transplants the taillamps of previous generation Starliner beneath the Centroliner rear windscreen. For the newer version, on the left side, one more vent grille is added; on the right side, the grille becomes larger and is vertically corrugated. The size of side windows severely shrinks on the 2008 version, with lower edge raised above the back of the passenger seats. Livery is another difference: the light blue and silver are replaced by mild silver and dark silver respectively.

Interiors are completely different. 2007 version applies an original design from Neoplan with a blue, luminous "NEOPLAN" logo on the black-mirror above the front windscreen. Inside the newer version, people cannot find inside a Neoplan at all---not only the best-loved Neoplan logo is removed, but all Neoplan-feeling designs disappear. The interior is identical with that of the other new low floor buses ordered for the Olympics.

2007 version's quality is beyond doubt, but that of 2008 version is just about average. Actually, many bus fans are disappointing about the retrograding design and quality.

BPT only ordered 50 units of 2007 version (2007 version DD6129S06 also has 50), but hundreds of 2008 version and assigned them to Division 2, 3 and 7. The 50 units of 2007 version are all in Trolley-buses Division at first; when Trolley-buses Division had all its diesel rigids (charters excluded) replaced by hybrid ones, the 50 units are transferred to Xin'ao Division in late 2009 and to Division 2 in mid 2010.

The two units, left Fleet No. 23541 and right 23294 (BPT Division 2, diesel rigid bus, code 541 and 294) are both on Line 652. They have unloaded their passengers on Beijing South Railway Station Square Street to the west of this crossing; 23294 is having a short break while 23541 is looking for a space to have a break.

Line 652 is an artery connecting the urban area with Beijing Economical Technologies Development Area (BDA) in Yizhuang, southern suburb, via Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau highway. The line has two stops before entering highway and a series of stops inside BDA, ending at BDA public transport central station.

When Division 2 acquired the second-hand 2007 version Neoplans, it allocated the 30 units to Line 343, 352 and 652 while Line 652 has a few.

Robert Pattinson sent me back an autograph!

Robert Pattinson sent me back an autograph!

- I mailed this photo with a letter in July 2008. At the end of my letter, I asked him if he could sign the photo and send it back if he ever had the time, and he did! I didn't expect him to actually reply. I got it back 2 and a half weeks later.

- For those of you wondering, Robert personally reads bunches of his own fan mail. He said so in an interview with the L.A. Times back in November 2008. If you want to read the interview, Google it.

- Someone saw my post on MySpace and told me that they talked to a girl who gets his fan mail at the US agency, and she told him that they send batches of stuff to Rob's mother in the UK. Dunno if that's true, but it makes some sense...So it's best to send your letters/photos to the UK address, even though there is also a USA one. I originally sent this to the USA one, and it came back to me from the UK. So the second time I sent a letter/photo, I sent it straight to the UK agency.


Robert Pattinson
Curtis Brown Group Ltd.
Haymarket House
5th Floor
28-29 Haymarket

- I received a 2nd autograph from Robert in the mail in March 2009. I had decided in December 2008 to try to get his autograph again, this time as an awesome surprise for my best friend. I wrote him another letter (don't remember what I said in that one) and asked at the end if he could sign it for her. It took a few months to get back to me since he's been very busy since "Twilight" came out, but it happened! I had no expectations, never thought I'd get another one back. So we were both shocked. She's quite happy with it lol. I made sure to have her favourite photo of him printed out for it.

best floor fans

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